Solar Electric


Roof Mounted Solar Electric at Apple Pond Farm

SOLAR ELECTRIC, also called photo voltaic (PV), can be installed just about anywhere – on your roof, on a pole mount, on the ground, or in your wall. Warranted for 25 years, solar electric systems can be above 90% efficient at 40 years. PV is available in a wide variety of materials, including a roof shingle that makes the installation invisible and a slate shingle that provides an extra aesthetic. System sizes vary, from a 4kw system that will provide more than half the electricity of the average home, to several hundred kw systems for a school, business, hospital or housing complex.

Pole Mounted Solar Electric

Significant NYS and Federal Tax credits as well as subsidies and low interest loans by NYSERDA are available for residential, commercial and not for profit installations. NYSERDA incentives, however, are in a period of frequent adjustment. Give us a call or e-mail and we will give you the latest information and do the financing calculations for you. You can also go to for a PV calculator and list of installers, etc.


The sun is a FREE fuel
Little maintenance (no moving parts)
Zero greenhouse gas emissions
Self-reliant energy
Local job creation
Zero transmission lines
Net metering