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Roadmap for a Sullivan County Climate Action Plan (CAP)

SASD is pleased to announce that we have submitted a Roadmap for a Sullivan County Climate Action Plan (CAP) to the County legislators.

The Roadmap calls for the Legislature to appoint an Advisory Panel to draft a Sullivan County Climate Action Plan (CAP).  The CAP will document County government and community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, set reduction targets, and develop climate action projects which will save energy, cut costs, and reduce county GHG emissions.  The Panel will work closely with staff and appoint task forces to work on each of the four sectors covered in the CAP: buildings, transportation, waste management/recycling, and land/water use.  In order to be successful, the Climate Action Plan will be driven by local support and grassroots action in the towns and communities.  Volunteers who have already been trained during Sustainable Sullivan sessions will be instrumental in building support for data collection and implementation of projects as the CAP progresses.

Anyone interested in taking part in the CAP program in their town should read the Roadmap below (only 6 pages plus appendices) and volunteer to start a team in your town, village, or hamlet.  Call SASD at the office of Sustainable Energy 845-807-0578 or the Apple Pond Office at 845-482-4764 for more information.

Click here to read or right-click, ‘Save Link As’ to download the Roadmap for a Sullivan County CAP