Strategic Plan

2014 – 2018

The mission of Sullivan Alliance for Sustainable Development (SASD) is to promote a new standard for
mindful development that is environmentally responsible, socially equitable and economically just; to inspire the residents of Sullivan County to embrace the principles and practices of sustainability as personal and civic values; and to make energy efficiency and renewable energy accessible for all.

Sullivan Alliance for Sustainable Development is a knowledgeable and trusted resource for information on issues critical to the goal of sustainability, including climate change, energy efficiency, renewable energy technology, renewable energy systems, sustainable agriculture, and related opportunities for the creation of a robust local economy.

SASD shall accomplish its mission through:
• Collaborating with local governments, businesses, and community organizations;
• Advocating sustainability policies and initiatives at the local, county and regional level;
• Promoting and facilitating green building and renewable energy projects, including community- owned systems;
• Producing or commissioning research and feasibility studies;
• Serving as an online resource for information on climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies;
• Providing educational talks, forums and workshops;
• Publishing articles and public service announcements.

LONG TERM GOALS/STRATEGIES I. Municipal Policy Initiatives
Goal: Guide the County Legislature, Industrial Development Agency, Sullivan County Partnership, and town and village governments in the adoption of sustainability policies that include energy efficiency, renewable energy and reduction of waste.

• Provide consulting services to the County and its agencies to institutionalize sustainable policies, practices and strategies for economic development.

• Conduct outreach to towns and villages to promote the Climate Smart Communities Program and sustainable policies for planning, energy, land use, highway operations, building codes and economic development.

• Participate in regional planning for sustainability and renewable energy initiatives.

• Advocate for policy change that would require any new development receiving tax breaks to incorporate energy efficiency and green building practices.

• Work with allied organizations and agencies to develop a strategy to attract renewable energy businesses to Sullivan County.

II. Community Initiatives

Goal: Connect to people in all walks of life with educational outreach that empowers citizens to take action personally and adopt the principles and practices of sustainability in their everyday lives.

• Develop a funding proposal for SASD’s range of community initiatives, emphasizing social and
environmental justice and the need to bridge the energy divide by making the benefits of high performance buildings and energy systems available to all.

• Redesign the SASD web site and Facebook page to include sustainability tips, model ordinances, Frequently Asked Questions, State and Federal resources, lists of recommended contractors, and other resources.

• Partner with SUNY Sullivan to establish an internship that could assist with communication, social media, and other tasks.

• Focus outreach on Fire Departments and develop funding to provide free energy consultations and recommendations for cost savings through reduced energy consumption.

• Develop an annual event/fair/conference focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability issues.

• Partner with others to enrich instruction on sustainability and the environment for school-age children (K-12) and for the community as a whole.
Goal: Increase the organization’s focus on agricultural issues as they relate to sustainability and
promotion of Sullivan County as a “food shed.”

• Develop funding to support direct technical assistance to farmers on renewable energy solutions.

• Play a stronger role on the Sullivan County Agricultural Advisory Board.

• Promote sustainable farming techniques to reduce the use of petroleum-derived chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

• Partner with allied organizations on education and policy change relating to food security, farm to school initiatives, buy local campaigns, and agri-tourism.
III. Institutional Development

Goal: Provide regional leadership on sustainability issues, and develop community participation needed to support current initiatives and expansion into new initiatives and areas of operation.

• Strengthen partnerships with other county-wide and regional organizations and agencies with shared interests including Sullivan Renaissance, Catskill Mountainkeeper, Hospitality Green, SUNY Sullivan, Cornell Cooperative Extension, The Center for Discovery, The Watershed Agricultural Council, Delaware Highlands Conservancy and others.

• Convene a “Sustainable Sullivan Roundtable” where organizations and individuals with an interest in energy efficiency, renewable energy, climate change and sustainability issues can meet, share information, and collaborate on projects.

• Develop a volunteer base with specific goals and tasks to support community outreach, educational events, and fundraising efforts.
Goal: Improve the long term fiscal health of the organization by diversifying its funding sources. Strategies:
• Initiate a Donor Drive to build a core of private donors to provide general operating support.

• Develop an annual signature fundraising event.

• Re-evaluate the need for an annual audit (to reduce operating expenses) and develop a legal rationale and strategy for this policy.

• Develop a promotional campaign for fee for service consultations and/or provide free energy consultations as a premium for large donors (ex: $250 and up).

• Explore business-level collaborations/sponsorships with commercial enterprises with whom we partner.

• Explore Federal, State and local grant opportunities through programs such as USDA Rural
Business Opportunity Grants (RBOG), Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) process, etc.

Goal: Continue to build the SASD Board of Directors. Strategies:
• Target Board recruitment efforts to secure commitment to SASD’s mission and to prioritize
specific skill sets, especially legal expertise and fundraising ability.
• Develop policies and materials clarifying roles and duties of Board members.

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