Independence Day Resolution

(#307) — The hay fields are rich.  Standing as high as six feet in the lower end of fields where the water runs and then stands in fields that could have been cut more than a month ago, hay harvesting is chocked by the constant hammering of rainfall.  In another part of the country, an entire group of expert fire fighters are killed as wind driven fire burns the completely dry earth. Looking again at the local scene, flooding and extreme heat spread their crushing destruction and cost in patterns that now seem normative.

Climate disruption is already well under way.  The climate regime that was established over hundreds of millions of years leading to the advent of human existence has lost its ability to support itself without pushing back with full planetary power. We cannot achieve independence and separation from the necessities of planetary power.  But, we can jettison what we know to be causing this growing local, national, and global calamity.

Such a declaration of independence will start with accepting that local action influences the rest of the nation and world.  Will we wait in our communities until we are hit by even worse degrees of additional loss and cost?  Accepting responsibility in our individual lives and collective actions via government and business decisions will start with the resolve to break out of current patterns.

There is a growing conversation about the weather but what we doing about it, as the saying goes, is far too little and often no help or causes further loss.  Why leader-ship continues to support practices that create more problems and/or simply delay actions that can eventually bring the relief that is essential for social cohesion and our safety is hard to fathom.

We know what to do.  It is affordable.  It can be done right now – even with our extremely precarious economic budgets and recessionist economy.  Investment in different strategies and technologies are required.  These investments must come from some additional spending as well as from very substantial changes in current investment practices. These investments must contain the character of being not only self-financing but also proven sources of substantial savings while producing better results.

The goal should not be to greatly expand total spending. It goes against the natural order of planetary governance and our human capacity to afford.  The goal is to provide local governance and financing for supporting the conditions of life we wish to enjoy.  Current patterns cannot get us there and we are losing time while the threats, loss and cost continue to rise.

Casinos require exponentially more energy infrastructure and consumption with all of its well known environmental and social polluting effects.  It is one of the most pernicious Industries. Hydrofracking for natural gas threatens the natural health, which are our life support system and the foundation of local economic prosperity.

There are energy reduction and renewable energy projects ready for installation that will generate profits, jobs, local control, and strengthen the social and natural systems required to restore a workable relationship between us and nature.  We should be building locally owned and controlled power utilities and forming many new companies that deliver tremendous energy efficiency.

On this Independence Day, who will declare sufficient independence from the morass we have lived under for more than a generation and projected policies that are band-aids or worse?

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