Our Own Broadway

(#255) – Sullivan County, New York has its own Broadway where new scripts and high drama will be played out in the near future.  The stage is set at the Apollo Mall, also known as East Broadway, for Sullivan County to mount its biggest economic development play.

A short description of some of the attributes of this property includes:

  1. The property is publicly owned.  This provides the opportunity and challenge of entrepreneurial government to maximize public and environmental benefits.
  2. Several hundred acres are involved which gives scope to projects that will by design can be very visible to visitors who can be enticed to stop in East Broadway Monticello for an extravaganza of smart, beautiful, high energy and practical venues which will be listed below.
  3. The menu of venues can be built in stages starting with ballasted solar panels on the county and village closed land fills.  The first phase would be several mega watts of photo voltaic panels that power the several buildings that currently recycle commercial and industrial waste as well as treat solid and water sewage.  The value of such energy amounts to $5,000,000 annually if built to full potential capacity.
  4.  This blaze of blue panels on the land fill would be framed by a profusion of perennial and annual flowers and shrubs that yield inviting aroma and color aesthetics that attract people to sit at the landscaped areas for lunch at tables shielded from sun and rain by additional solar panels that provide additional energy for the water fountains and external lighting.
  5. The methane gas within the landfill would power and heat the growing of vegetables, fruits and fish under glass and in water tanks.  First stage development can produce $30-50,000,000 of food for local consumption and shipment to New York City.  This project could anchor further development of the food hub for production and processing of food that would establish Sullivan County as a significant part of New York City’s food shed.  It could stimulate and assist the start up and profitability of many new food  producers.
  6. Anaerobic digesters would receive most of the daily flow of waste product and turn this valuable resource into electricity and heat for onsite consumption as well as purchase by off-site enterprises. Combined with the already demonstrated commitment to recycling, the elimination of the contract to haul thousands of tons of waste out of the county produces another significant revenue stream.
  7. A major new venture would be the development of a bio-mass project that could be placed in the back of the property. It would convert the huge tonnage of grass, wood, paper and other waste product into pellets for heating and cooling the HVAC systems of our larger commercial, school, civic and municipal buildings.  Retrofitting our HVAC systems with boilers that take these resources (waste products) can save several millions every year and generate hundreds of new jobs.

The point is – don’t sell the Apollo Mall. Develop it as an energy-agricultural – shopping – recreational site.

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