Buy New Energy Efficient Appliances Now

(#253) —  Global warming is not a hot topic for most people in this period of corporate efforts to squeeze every dollar out of what they consider to be their remaining 20 trillion dollar reserve of fossil fuels.  That it is really “their” reserves is susceptible to challenge. On the other side, world science supports a strong consensus that global warming is caused by burning fossil fuels and that global warming is the greatest threat to human kind.  The Pentagon lists global warming, as the number threat to the national security of the United States.

Maybe this is too abstract for many of us though the reality of global warming already is destroying the lives of millions of people.  So, let’s take another look.

How about the fact that it is simply cheaper to save fossil fuel energy than to burn it?

I am not suggesting we skip the terrosim of global warming but that we concentrate on other incentives that will motivate us to follow the injunction of the title of this article.  In these hard economic times, we need to save money where ever we can just to stay up with all of the bills required for essentials.

In this new history, such deeply held notions as, “if it is broken, don’t fix it or replace it,”have lost their much loved verity.  Growing up our refrigerator had a name and was the object of our affection as much as the cats and the dogs in the house. But, keeping an inefficient refrigerator or clothes washing machine is simply several hundred dollars of unnecessary expense that could be applied to other badly needed purchases. (And remember the threat of global warming even when it feels convenient like our non-winter and current summer weather without ever passing through spring.)

So, if you have a refrigerator or clothes washer that is 10 years old, even if it is looking and working fine, you can save several hundred dollars by purchasing a new unit.  Cash rebates are up to $350 for eligible high efficiency refrigerators and $250 for high efficiency clothes dryers. Instead of costing more than $100 or even $200 or more each year in energy costs, the energy cost will be under $100, the new appliance will have a short payback period and net savings of money and energy will increase each year.

The process is very simple.  Go to And fill out the application on line.  Be certain to have a purchase receipt indicating a date later than March 19 and information confirming that your appliance meets the CEE tier 2 or 3 guidelines.  If you have any difficulty, the County Office of Sustainable Energy, 807-0578 will assist you Tuesday through Thursday.

Participants will not only begin to save money right away but also save fossil fuel pollution costs to themselves and their communities.  Programs like this have decreased by 50% since l975, the intensity of energy use of the average household.

We can make a real difference for ourselves and our communities.

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