Electric Bicycles

(#214) — All of us privileged to live in this marvelous place celebrate the precious
natural beauty and the sounds of the birds and streams that accompany our
trips to the post office, store and, for some of us seniors, to the top of the hill
where we then leave our vehicle and take brisk walks. Electric bikes called
personal electric vehicles or PEV’s are now available that can make every
motorized trip a more direct encounter with these wonders of nature that
nourish our spirits and minds. PEV’s are very quiet, have no oil or gas fumes.
Many can be carried upstairs or parked in a closet. They are available for as
little as $400 and as expensive as $18,000 if you want to compete in a grand
prix against the big conventional “hogs”. Some very affordable models have a
range of 40 to 60 miles and all plug into a conventional 120 vac plug and
achieve full power in about 4 hours. Careful planning can cut down very
significantly in use of fossil fuels for shopping and other errands, provide
savings that will pay for the electric bicycle in a few years, and by using a
renewable energy source of electricity, the carbon pollution cycle that ruins
our politics, relationships with each other and our economy, one more step
towards living sustainably is taken. Riding on a PEV is also a good way for many
who cannot manage the hills of the area to find the spot where they can
dismount and take a walk.

Here are some examples. Electric bikes range from do for yourself kits –DFY
– for converting your current bike to an off the floor electric bike for $2700
that has a range of 20 miles and a speed of 20 mph. It comes with pedals and
gears like a standard bike as well. A more economical scooter is available for
$400 with a range of 20 miles and 18 mph top speed and that same very quiet
ride that gives the sensation of being just another moving part in the dance of
nature that is always being performed. For touring and sightseeing, there are
several models that assist those who need some assistance for pedaling. When
the rider feels the need for more power, a slight movement of the hand and the
sensation of being pulled forward begins. Their price falls in the $2-3000 range.

Mopeds are available for under $2000 with a speed of 20 mph and 20 mile
range and offer convenient packages for storing the results of light shopping.
There is a huge array of electric motor scooters with speeds to 30 mph, a range
of 40 miles and a price as low as $2,200 and that same very quiet, clean ride
that leaves carbon in the ground where it is safe and available for the very few
purposes it should still be used for as we struggle to redirect our economy
towards one that serves us well as it integrates human conduct with the natural
world in a harmonious way.

For more information, ElectricChronicles.com

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